MPS Policy & Shipper’s Contract

Shipper’s Contract

In offering this shipment, shipper expressly agrees to the terms and conditions set forth below.

  1. Shipper may or may not declare a value on the items shipped. If shipper doesn’t declare a value, Millennium Pack & Ship (MPS) liabiity is limited to Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per shipment (not per box) for loss or damages;
  2. If a value is declared, Shipper shall pay a valuation cost covering the valued declared subject to the rate of Two dollars per One hundred dollars of value. Such coverage is provided by an MPS insurance carrier and releases MPS of liability. The failure of shipper to declare a value releases MPS of any and all liability except for the Fifty Dollar ($50.00) limit. Such release shall cover the company, MPS and all employees of the company. In case of any arbitration or legal action, the losing party pays legal fees and costs;
  3. Customer Packed Goods – MIPS is not responsible for damage or loss of items that are not packed by MPS;
  4. Shipper agrees that only Milennium Pack & Ship (MPS) will represent shipper in handling all matters regarding this shipment(s) with the carrier. Shipper further agrees to furnish MPS with proper documentation as needed and agrees to accept the disposition rendered in judgment of MPS or carrier;
  5. Incomplete payment information will result in an additional 5% charge on all credit card payments. Additionally, it is the shipper’s responsibility to inform the recipient of the terms and conditions of this contract.